spring & fall clean ups

Here at Cutting Edge, we take great pride in our Spring and Fall clean up projects. The difference between a property before it is cleaned up and after is really night and day! Leave the dirty, grimy, dusty, back breaking work to us and we will have your property whipped into shape in no time!
What is a basic Spring/Fall clean up?
All of our spring and fall clean up projects start with a complete landscape clean up. We use high powered backpack leaf blowers to blow most leaves and debris out of your landscaping out into the yard. We then come in with our commercial mower with a high powered vacuum system and suck up all of the leaves and debris and haul it away leaving your property clean and neat. Along with our basic clean up service you can also add on services such as Power Raking, gutter cleaning and other clean up tasks.
All Clean Up's Include:
Blowing/raking out leaves from flower beds, gardens, and shrubs
Bagging all debris, grass clippings, leaves, etc
Disposal of yard material
Blowing off sidewalks and driveway
Final mow

Add gutter cleaning, power raking, or other clean up tasks to your basic clean up!